Battery storage


There are many reasons why you may want to consider a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS):

  • Peaking shaving/load shifting – store energy when the price is low and use it when the price is high.
  • EV charging – additional infrastructure support as electrical vehicles increase your energy requirements.
  • Standby power – no different from a generator, a BESS system provides uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to essential systems during a power outage.
  • Integration with renewable energy power – if you’ve invested in, or you are considering a solar (PV) system, you need to do something with the surplus energy; feed back to the grid is one option, storing it is another.
  • Power quality – regulate the frequency in the grid ensuring voltage stability.
  • Smart Energy Consumption – reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions as part of your ESG initiatives.

Understanding different BESS storage options signifies the importance of actual versus perceived benefits. Our team outlines various options depending on your requirements and discusses available funding to offset capital expenditures.

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