Why do our clients partner with RES? They want to reduce energy usage and enhance sustainability by improving their carbon footprint. That’s why we provide and implement the latest energy management technologies, enabling innovative paths to a brighter future for your business.

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Today’s labour trends pose numerous challenges for office owners and employees alike. Our solutions make your building smarter, save energy, and deliver an improved tenant experience.

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Maximizing comfort levels for students and faculty while keeping costs under control is a perennial challenge. School populations vary, government funding can be inconsistent, and academic equipment functions with unpredictable levels of efficiency. Our team works with the necessary stakeholders to achieve comfort while reducing operating costs.

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Efficient production is a critical daily goal in manufacturing, and achieving it requires a sizeable energy spend. Often, this expense is one of the highest costs within facilities. We offer solutions that help reduce your energy usage, from better management of your inputs to reducing energy used by the manufacturing processes and building systems.

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Healthcare facility budgets are under constant pressure. Varying levels of equipment efficiency can strain infrastructure while increasing operational costs. Our team takes a holistic approach by balancing the needs of the facility with the realities of available funding.

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Proper energy management in warehousing facilities offers excellent opportunities for increased productivity, efficiency, and safety. Our services and solutions help you realize goals you may never have thought were achievable.

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Sport facility managers need to choose their lighting carefully to accommodate players, coaches and spectators. It is critical to install systems that take people’s visual comfort into account while keeping energy consumption and operational costs to a minimum.

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Harsh, industrial conditions require heavy duty solutions that keep employees and production equipment safe. The two main strategies in an effective industrial energy management plan are conservation and efficiency. RES can help establish a program that includes data collection, analysis and reporting systems as well as developing unique solutions geared to your industrial facility.

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Community centres, administrative offices, sports facilities, police stations…municipalities like these have numerous facilities that need to withstand high-volume usage, posing diverse energy requirements. We offer customized solutions to meet the needs of each facility, reducing carbon footprint and energy usage.

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The hospitality industry prioritizes the customer experience. Did you know that energy management, conservation and overall cost reductions can be attained without sacrificing client comfort? With the help of smart lighting and climate controls that adjust to changing occupancy levels - and many other solutions - RES helps synchronize positive experiences and efficient operations for your hospitality business.

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